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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is QuakeServers.net?

A: QuakeServers.net is an online server browser for Quake, Quakeworld, Quake II, Quake III Arena and Quake 4.

Q: How do I join QuakeServers.net and what do I benefit from joining?

A: Everyone can join QuakeServers.net trough the forum registration page. Registered users can create lists of favorite servers, change viewing settings and post comments on news and forum.

Q: Can server admins join QuakeServers.net?

A: We warmly welcome all server admins to join us. If you would like to be shown as an admin in your servers status page please contact mli in IRC.

Q: Can you help me to set up a server?

A: Yes. Please ask for help in our forum or join our IRC channel #quakeservers at QuakeNet.

Q: How is server data updated?

A: Server data is collected from servers with QStat. Each server is queried once per minute and the result data is inserted to a database.

Q: Why doesn't my name show up correctly in players list?

A: QuakeServers.net uses Qstat to gather player data from the servers. Unfortunately Qstat filters some of the special characters which can be used in player names. This also applies server descriptions and rules.

Q: Where can I get QuakeWorld?

A: You can get QuakeWorld in nQuake which is the best freely distributable QuakeWorld package around.

Q: How is QuakeServers.net funded?

A: All QuakeServers.net income is recieved from ads. If the income from ads is not enough the rest is taken from mli's pockets :)

Q: Where can I get QuakeWorld server?

A: If you want the original QuakeWorld server head over to QuakeWorld.net or id Software's FTP server. If you want a modern day QuakeWorld server with advanced demo recording get MVDSV.

Q: What's a Qizmo?

A: Qizmo is a proxy for QuakeWorld. Players mostly use it to get a better ping on a server or to set up a cam for big games such as league finals etc. More info about Qizmo can be found at Qizmos homepage.

Q: Why doesn't QuakeServers.net display ping or packet loss to the servers?

A: Most of QuakeServers.net users would not benefit from displaying of ping or packet loss since it is impossible to measure those from a clients point of view.