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News Item 61
Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 8th of August 2008 08:58 GMT
I decided not to go to work today and instead add some servers to the Quake 3 server list. The list had shrinked to about 650 servers but now there are around 1400 servers on it. That's about 750 new servers added. Happy Fragging :)
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News Item 60
Posted by Finland mli at Sunday, 3rd of February 2008 19:11 GMT
QuakeServers.net has opened three new QuakeWorld servers. The servers are running the latest MVDSV+KTX and support 1on1, 2on2, 4on4 and CTF. Geographical location of the servers is Dusseldorf, Germany and they are connected to the Internet with 100Mbit/s connection. Here's the list of the latest additions:

There are two Qizmos which are only 5ms away from the servers and can be used to improve routing

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News Item 59
Posted by Finland mli at Sunday, 9th of December 2007 17:20 GMT
id Softwares QuakeWorld master servers are online once again after a long downtime. The masters are at satan.idsoftware.com (ports 27000, 27002-27004 and 27006) and contain information about 230 servers. Let's just hope that the masters won't go offline as fast as they did the last time.

See QuakeWorld masters page for a full list of active master servers.

UPDATE 12/12/2007: Well it didn't last long, the masters are down again :|

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News Item 58
Posted by Finland mli at Tuesday, 27th of November 2007 13:44 GMT
I just found out that PlanetGloom.com and Netdome.biz Quake 2 masters were still online and found 20 new servers on them. Most of the new servers are running Action Quake 2 but there are also some new Gloom, CTF and WoD servers around. Here are some of the new servers:




Browse to new servers page for the rest of the latest servers.

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News Item 57
Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 9th of November 2007 19:31 GMT
15 Quake servers were added to list today. The servers might have been online for some time but no one added them so I decided to do it. Total number of Quake servers online is 83. Here are some of the latest additions:

Rune Quake:


Capture the Flag:

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