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News Item 59
Posted by Finland mli at Sunday, 9th of December 2007 17:20 GMT
id Softwares QuakeWorld master servers are online once again after a long downtime. The masters are at satan.idsoftware.com (ports 27000, 27002-27004 and 27006) and contain information about 230 servers. Let's just hope that the masters won't go offline as fast as they did the last time.

See QuakeWorld masters page for a full list of active master servers.

UPDATE 12/12/2007: Well it didn't last long, the masters are down again :|

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News Item 56
Posted by Finland mli at Wednesday, 29th of August 2007 19:42 GMT
Lots of new QuakeWorld servers have popped up lately. Majority of the new servers are in Europe, but there are some in the United States and even in Africa! The new servers are:


United States:


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News Item 55
Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 27th of July 2007 14:36 GMT
The popular XS4ALL QuakeWorld servers are back online after some downtime. This time there are 2 Free For All servers and 4 KTX allround servers for duel, quad and teamplay. The new servers are:

There are also rumours about CTF, Rocket Arena and Clan Arena servers.


CTF, RA and CA servers are now added. The hostname of the servers has changed to quake.xs4all.nl.

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News Item 54
Posted by Finland mli at Saturday, 21st of July 2007 16:59 GMT
MVDSV 0.27 has been released. This release introduces new features such as chunked downloads which improves download speeds for clients using the latest ezQuake. Information about other changes can be acquired from changes.txt. As usual there are precompiled binaries for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. The admins of other systems can download and build their own binaries using sources from SourgeForge MVDSV SVN.
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News Item 53
Posted by Finland mli at Tuesday, 5th of June 2007 12:17 GMT
Jollen servers in Sweden have been changed to allround. This means that all servers now allow modes 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4 instead of just one mode. The new allround servers are on also on new ports:

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