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QuakeServers.net Opens QuakeWorld Servers

Posted by Finland mli at Sunday, 3rd of February 2008 19:11 GMT
QuakeServers.net has opened three new QuakeWorld servers. The servers are running the latest MVDSV+KTX and support 1on1, 2on2, 4on4 and CTF. Geographical location of the servers is Dusseldorf, Germany and they are connected to the Internet with 100Mbit/s connection. Here's the list of the latest additions:

There are two Qizmos which are only 5ms away from the servers and can be used to improve routing

#1 By Unknown S0NGA at 11th Apr 2008 14:22 GMT from 201.51.62.***
Rocket Arena loose power! its sad to me! I love RA
#2 By Unknown jaquio at 4th Jul 2008 15:45 GMT from 71.190.94.***
master0.gamespy.com:28900 this is another working quake2 master
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