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About QuakeServers.net

QuakeServers.net is an online server browser site for the Quake game series. Our goal is to bring accurate information about the gaming servers and to help players find suitable servers for them play on. Using the site is absolutely free. Hosting costs of QuakeServers.net are covered with ad revenues.

QuakeServers.net was established at October 2005 and listed servers for QuakeWorld. In January 2007 the site expanded to list servers for other games in the series: Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena and Quake 4.

The development of QuakeServers.net was done with these free tools: PHP, MySQL, Smarty and Nano. Data from servers is collected with Qstat.

Contacting QuakeServers.net

There are two ways to contact QuakeServers.net:

  • Email: mli[at]quakeservers.net
  • IRC: #quakeservers @ QuakeNet
If you have a question about QuakeServers.net or any of the servers do not hesitate to contact us!

QuakeServers.net Development Team

  • Finland mli - PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS
  • Finland Sagitarius - Art
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