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News Item 57
Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 9th of November 2007 19:31 GMT
15 Quake servers were added to list today. The servers might have been online for some time but no one added them so I decided to do it. Total number of Quake servers online is 83. Here are some of the latest additions:

Rune Quake:


Capture the Flag:

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News Item 49
Posted by Finland mli at Monday, 12th of March 2007 19:01 GMT
There are 3 new playgrounds for the oldschool quakers. One of the servers is in Brazil and the rest in Belgium. The Belgian servers are supporting FFA and Cooperative game modes.
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News Item 37
Posted by Finland mli at Thursday, 4th of January 2007 14:48 GMT
Quake section of QuakeServers.net has been opened with 80+ servers. Most of the servers are located in the United States, but there is also servers in Brazil, Canada, France, New Zealand, Sweden and United Kindom. The servers are running various types like Clan Arena, Clanring CRMOD,IHOC Quake and Rune Quake.
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