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News Item 57

15 Quake Servers Added

Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 9th of November 2007 19:31 GMT
15 Quake servers were added to list today. The servers might have been online for some time but no one added them so I decided to do it. Total number of Quake servers online is 83. Here are some of the latest additions:

Rune Quake:


Capture the Flag:

#1 By United States Fragenstein at 13th Nov 2007 04:53 GMT
I never got a front page listing :-( House of Fragenstein | KTX / FFA hof.servegame.com:27500
#2 By Unknown jaquio at 19th Nov 2007 00:05 GMT from 71.190.83.***
what is the timeframe between submitting your server and it being seen?
#3 By Finland mli at 20th Nov 2007 11:03 GMT
I usually check for new servers once per day. Quake 3 servers might have delay since there are some problems with auto detecting mods correctly.
#4 By Unknown [VNV]Soenke at 16th Aug 2008 16:46 GMT from 80.228.78.***
EY,i must have more D-Day:Nomandy Server.I have one server!
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