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The 2011/2012 Quake2 season is upon us!

Posted by Finland mli at Friday, 23rd of September 2011 15:28 GMT
The European Duel League is in its sign up phase, along with new rules and a new layout. This season will feature 2-3 divisions and prize money in each division, meaning there'll be plenty of fun and reward for players of all levels of skill! Be sure to register quickly because the sign ups are closing on 25th of, 24.00 CET (midnight before Monday). Here's the schedule for 2011/2012 season:

Group phase, part 1: Oct 3 - Dec 22
Christmas break: Dec 23 - Jan 8
Group phase, part 2: Jan 9 - Apr 29
Playoffs: Apr 30 - Jun 3

More info at q2scene.net and European Duel League website.

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