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News Item 69

New master servers

Posted by Finland mli at Thursday, 10th of October 2013 19:41 GMT
We decided to add master servers for QuakeWorld, Quake II and Quake III. All of the masters can be found at master.quakeservers.net.

To get your servers listed on the masters add "setmaster master.quakeservers.net" to your QW or Q2 server config. Q3 servers need "set sv_master1 master.quakeservers.net" line added to their config. If you already have other masters added replace the 1 in sv_master1 with the next available number.

We are still looking for other online masters so if you know about one please notify us. We are especially interested about Q2 masters.

#1 By Unknown Irish at 21st Oct 2013 04:52 GMT from 71.209.37.***
i need to figure this out is all the master servers down for q3 and enemy territory,,, i checked one day and they were both up about a week ago but haven't been up since,,, i will be hosting a server for 5 days a week at random times i will be posting the info
#2 By Unknown Aeon6911 at 7th Nov 2013 01:34 GMT from 50.40.204.***
Master server for Q2 master.q2servers.com
#3 By Finland mli at 7th Nov 2013 08:02 GMT
For some reason master.q2servers.com is not responding :(
#4 By Unknown Silv3rSk1n at 18th May 2014 22:47 GMT from 123.211.190.***
http://www.qtracker.com/ master1.qtracker.com
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